After leaving the workforce to raise my children and start a 'successful' work-from-home speaking, coaching and consulting business, I spent more than 57,000 business development hours, figuring out 'best practices' for achieving “success” –through trial & error.

Instead of achieving the work-life balance, time-freedom and financial success, I sought --starting a business had led me down an unhealthy path to success.

I found myself STUCK behind my computer, STRUGGLING in 'entrepreneurial poverty' and FAILING to get my business off-the-ground and THRIVING – in the age of (TMI) TOO MUCH INFORMATION which forced me into the HUSTLE GRIND-- Meaning: Get Rich or Die Trying & Sleep When You’re Dead!

I became tethered to my computer for hours on end daily, often forfeiting valuable sleep time, burning the candles at both ends. I would sit at my desk "knowing I needed to get up and exercise" but failed to do so, because I had to become a successful entrepreneur.

I was a stay-at-home mom, however, I wasn't present with my children and family members because I was consumed by the idea of making millions. My social life became nonexistent as I was always working on my business.

As I spent, unrecoverable amounts of, precious time and valuable business development hours in 'learning mode' versus 'earning mode', I was forced to move “back home” following a failed marriage, divorce and foreclosure that left me broke, broken and homeless.

This was due in part to my refusal to give up my BIG DREAM of being a successful entrepreneur, and as my 'nay-sayers' would advise -- “GET A REAL JOB!”

It was in that defining moment -- that I started investigating the business practices of the Top 5% of highly successful coaches who had THRIVED both financially and in their personal lives --during their startup years. --men and women who had achieved work-life balance, time & location-freedom and holistic success!

That is when I discovered...

There was more to life than financial success and that is when I started practicing being successful in other areas of my life.

"There was more to the startup and business success equation"– than what was being 'publicly presented' by the Top 5%.

So, while the 95% were STUCK, STRUGGLING & FAILING -- the Top 5% had an unfair, advantage over the majority. As they were, secretly, behind closed doors– ALIGNED WITH THE LAWS OF GOD, THE UNIVERSE & SUCCESS!

I call it: The Spiritual Side of Business!

THAT'S RIGHT! You read it correctly...

"There Is A Spiritual Side of Doing Business" –
that allows the Top 5% to tap into the higher vibrational frequency of SUCCESS that accounts for 60-80% of the
Business Success Equation.

This is how they manifest and achieve higher-levels of success in their businesses.

As according to the laws of quantum physics...
Your Coaching Business Is ENERGY -- just like everything else in the Universe...

And the Top 5% know how-to use their thoughts, words, mind, actions and emotions to turn intangible business ideas and intentions into practical and prosperous business and quality of life realities.


I had discovered The Top 5%'s Sacred Secret to starting a successful values based, work-lifestyle business, on my terms, during my startup years and created The 4-Day Work-Life Balance, Freedom & Success Circle to help more startup founders, CEO's, high-octane coaches, consultants, experts and business leaders and their teams do the same.

Barbara is a a knowledgeable, charasmatic and compelling speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer. She is an Amazon International Bestselling Co-Author of the book titled: The Voyage to Your Vision: wherein she collaborated with 42 other top experts from around the globe to share wisdom from their vast experiences with others and change lives during our turbulent times. Barbara is the recipient of both the coveted Eippy Book Award & the eLit Book Awards. She was honored as the VIP Professional Woman of The Year in 2011, by The National Association of Professional Women (NAWP). However, her biggest accomplishment is rebuilding her life, career and confidence after crisis. Prior to leaving the workforce,  Barbara served as a Senior Workforce Development Trainer and Job Developer for 4 years at Temple University where she facilitated hundreds of career development workshops and helped over 5000 job seekers prepare for and enter in the workforce successfully. Barbara is the proud mother of 4 children (Kenny, Mohamed, Fatouma and Ismael) and a dooting grandmother to her autistic grandson KaDyn.

Hi, I'm Thought Leader, Barbara Bamba:
Work-Life Success Advisor, International Best Selling
Co-Author of The Voyage To Your Vision and the founder
& former owner of the Philadelphia Speaker's Bureau.


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